HORI amiibo display case [REVIEW]

Some time ago we received the amiibo display from HORI and we were surprised by several things about its design:

1- It is really resistant.

2- Is NOT as big as it appears to be but it is big enough for every amiibo (until now).

3- It is NOT as clear or transparent as you would expect. 

4- Really well built.

5- And last but not least. It has a click mechanism that helps the amiibo base to stay put on it's place firmly.

So as you can see in general terms it is a well built good product and the only negative would be that the plastic is not a %100 transparent. But it is definitely transparent enough for a $7.99 price.


SHOWCASE ( Wave 5) [Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr, Pikmin & Olimar, Zero Suit Samus and Ganondorf]

Today i'd love to share our first few videos of the new AmiiboAmigo Youtube Channel!! And what a better way to star but with 5 awesome wave 5 figures!! Enjoy!! 

Animal Crossing amiibo cards Series 1! [FULL LIST]

Nintendo revealed 1 card of the Animal Crossing amiibo series each day in their japanese website. All the cards have been published BUT Nintendo doesn't let people to download high-res images of the cards anymore. So we're bringing you a general list of the 100 cards and the link for you to see them CLICK HERE enjoy! 

Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/edhj/amiibocard/index.html

Amiibo Tournament Semi-Final

We're about to reach the end of the Amiibo Tournament! And today in the semi-final we decide who are the top 2 who will fight and the third and fourth spots. Enjoy!

Who will be the winner? Vote in the comments bellow! 

Amiibo Tournament 2nd ROUND!

As we promised here we got you the 2nd round of elimination in the Amiibo Tournament! (If you haven't checked the 1st Round yet CLICK HERE) Today, the biggest amiibo fight continues to decide which of them all is the best of the best. From this 2nd round on the fights are without any items except for the SmashBall. 

Here we can see who got eliminated the last time and who fights thin this round:

And last but not least, yeah the video is in Spanish BUT it still tons of fun to watch. Enjoy! 😀 



Amiibo Tournament! (VIDEO IN SPANISH[still super fun])

Today we start with the Amiibo tournament series. For the next 4 weeks every Wednesday we will have a new round of the tournament! The rules are quite simple, every Amiibo must be at level 50 to fight and the winner will be selected in a 2 stock 1 on 1 match.


32 of my amiibo were chosen to fight and today we'll see how well they do in the first round of elimination in Super Smash Bros. for WiiU. So don't forget to vote your favourite fighter in the comments bellow or in the video!